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Wine cellar

    Wine is an alcoholic beverage (nápoj) made from grapes, the fruit of grapevine. The essential classification of wine is that into white, red and rosé. Another classification of wines is into natural wines, fortified (alkoholizovaná) wines, and sparkling (šumivá) wines.
Wine can be sweet or dry.
    Wine has a long history dating back about 8,000 years and is thought to have originated in present day Georgia or Iran. Wine is thought to have appeared in Europe about 6,500 years ago in the today´s territories of Bulgaria and Greece and was very common in classical Greece and Rome..
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    Wine has also played an important role in religion since ancient times. The Greek God Dionysos and the Roman God Bacchus represented wine. Wine has also played an important role in ceremonies in the Christian religion such a mass (mše).
    The taste of a wine depends not only on the grape species, but can also depend on the ground and climate where is cultivated.
    The colour of wine is not determined by the juice of the grape, which is almost always clear, but rather by the presence an absence of the grape skin during fermentation.
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    Wine cellar is a storage room (sometimes is here wine drunk and sold too) for wine in bottles or barrels. Wine cellars are usually located completely underground.
    Wine cellars offer the opportunity to protect (chránit) alcoholic beverages from potentially harmful external influences, providing (poskytující, skýtající) darkness and constant temperature.
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grapes bobule, hrozny vína
grapevine vinná réva, hroznové víno
storage uskladnění; skladiště
vine vinná réva; popínavá rostlina
(to) vine pnout se
viniculture vinařství
vintage vinobraní; ročníkové víno
viticulture vinohradnictví
wine víno - nápoj
wine cellar vinný sklep

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