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a) a seed plant without a woody stem
b) a plant used for medicinal or culinary purposes
Herb gardening can be done in a very little space. Most herbs grow best in well grained, fairly fertile soil with a neutral pH of 6.5 to 7.0.
It is best to harvest herbs in the morning. This is when the oils are the highest concentration.
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1) Aromatic herbs: Grown for their scent, aromatics herbs are used in flower vases or dried arrangements. Their oils are used in perfumes, candles, and toiletries to name a few. A couple of favorites are lavender and mint.
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2) Culinary herbs: Needless to say, food would be plain and boring without this group of herbs. Some of the more popular include basil, chives, dill, thyme, rosemary and marjoram.
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3) Medicinal herbs: Many herbs are traditionally used to alleviate the symptoms of disease, either through orally or locally applied herbal treatments, or through aromatherapy or homeopathy (scented mayweed, tea tree, opium poppy).
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4) Ornamental herbs: They are commonly grown for fresh or dried arrangements.
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Did you know? It is the oil in herbs that gives herbs their aroma and flavor.
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balm meduňka
basil bazalka
bay leaf vavřín (bobkový list)
caraway kmín
chives pažitka
dill kopr
fennel fenykl
lavender levandule
mint máta
rosemary rozmarýn
sage šalvěj
sweet marjoram majoránka
wild marjoram dobromysl

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