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Garden in the autumn time

Autumn is the mellow season (období zrání), all the hectic flowering and reproduction activity of the summer is over. This is the time of year when the garden catches ablaze (rozzářený, zářící) with reds, oranges and yellows - but it´s not just leaves that have fantastic autumn colours........
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Seed-heads and berries look their best; and the changing colour of leaves signals the beginning of the end of the growing season. For the gardener, this is the time to start putting the garden to bed.
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- Bring in tender (choulostivé) plants under cover (úkryt, kryt, ochrana) before the first frosts.
- Plant or move evergreens and conifers, while the soil is still warm.
- Plant spring bedding, such as wallflowers (Erysimum - trýzel) and polyanthus.
- Plant spring bulbs.
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- Tidy (upravit, uklidit) perennials, removing (odstraňování) dead stems but leaving seed-heads for birds to eat.
- Plant deciduous trees, shrubs and climbers.
- Lay new lawns, so long as soil is not too wet.
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- Plant shrubs, roses and hedging plants (rostliny do živých plotů) sold with bare roots (prostokořenné).
- Clear up fallen leaves and compost them.
- Plant tulips and hyacinths.
- Move (přesaďte) deciduous trees and shrubs once they have lost (ztratily) their leaves. take hardwood (dřevité) cuttings from shrubs and roses.
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ablaze rozzářený, zářící
altitude nadmořská výška
cuttings řízky (rostlinné)
growth růst
moist vlhký, mokrý
mulberry moruše
shade stín
starch škrob
thistle bodlák

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