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Seasonal gardening - Working in the summer garden

With the arrival of official summer things can become a little hectic in the garden with weeds growing in the borders and grass that seems to grow over night. Your job now is to keep your plants and flowers looking their best and enjoying what you have grown. During the summer the garden needs to be watered, weeded, and freed of insects and disease, and crops will need to be harvested.
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Begin to feed, water and deadhead bedding plants. Feed and deadhead roses after the first flush of flowers. Sow seeds of perennial plants and biennials outdoors. Make first trim of yew and leafy hedges, such a beech. Ensure any spring and autumn planted trees and shrubs are not suffering from dry periods, give them a good soak if necessary. Citrus plants can be placed outdoors for the summer months.
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Plant autumn-flowering bulbs, such as colchicums and sternbergias. In dry weather, raise the mower blades slightly as longer grass stays greener. Keep on top of the weeding, feeding, deadheading and watering. Sow turnip seeds and winter radishes.
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Feed and water rhododendrons if the weather is dry. Take semi-ripe cuttings of shrubs. Harvest aubergines and apples, but don´t combine them all in a salad.
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beech buk
blade ostří
deadhead sebrat zvadlé květy
disease onemocnění
feed dodávat, živit, zásobovat
flush náhlá hojnost, záplava
raise zvednout, zdvihnout
soak namočit, napustit, pít, nasáknout
trim sestřihnout, upravit; zkrácení, zastřižení
yew tis

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