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By the producer of vegetables
U pěstitele zeleniny

By the producer of vegetables

    Any edible part of a plant can potentially be used as a vegetable. Derived from wild plants, many of the vegetables we use for food today have been in cultivation since prehistory. This long and extensive cultivation has led to huge diversity (there are over 1000 varieties of potato alone), but vegetables are general grouped into leaf, fruiting, flowering, podded, stem, bulb, and root types. Despite their high water content (up to 80 per cent), vegetable are a valuable source of protein, starch, vitamins, and minerals.
    In the broadest sense of the word, vegetable denotes any kind of plant life or plant product.
In the narrower sense, however, vegetables are any plants or plant parts "that are eaten either cooked or raw during the principal part of a meal rather than a dessert". Such plant parts can be roots, stems, leaves, flowers or fruits.

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a)    leaf vegetables: spinach, lettuce, savoy cabbage, head cabbage, chard, chicory
b)    fruit vegetables: pepper, cucumber, tomato, aubergine = eggplant, pumpkin, gherkin
c)    root vegetables: radish, carrot, celeriac, parsley, parsnip, beetroot
d)    legumes = podded vegetables: bean, pea
e)    bulb vegetables: onion, leek, garlic, shallot
f)    tuber vegetables: potato, swede turnip = rutabaga, sweet potato
g)    stalk vegetables = stem vegetables: asparagus, kohlrabi
h)    flower vegetables = head vegetables: cauliflower, broccoli, artichoke

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bulb vegetables cibulovitá zelenina
flower vegetables "květová" zelenina
fruit vegetables plodová zelenina
leaf vegetables listová zelenina
legumes luštěniny
root vegetables kořenová zelenina
stalk vegetables stonková zelenina
tuber vegetable hlíznatá zelenina

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